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We specialize in the trade of Semi Husked Coconut, sourced

Epicstar imports and exports Dry Dates, known for their natural

Our Maize is sourced globally for its quality and versatility.

Epicstar offers Rice Sella 1122, acclaimed for its aroma and

We specialize in Sunflower Seeds, known for their health benefits.

Epicstar’s Pumpkin Seeds are sourced for their nutritional value and

Our Walnuts Kernel are sourced for their superior quality and

Epicstar trades in Walnuts in Shell, prized for their rich

We offer premium Cashew Nuts (W320 and W240), sourced for

Epicstar imports and exports Red and Yellow Lentils, known for

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Based in Dubai, our company specializes in importing and exporting premium-quality fruits and vegetables. With a commitment to freshness and variety, we connect local markets to the world’s best produce. Our dedicated team ensures every item meets the highest standards, delivering nature’s finest right to your doorstep.

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